Tuesday, April 21, 2009

8 Months Old...

Our sweet pea is 8 months old! She is trying so hard to crawl and I just know that she'll get it soon. Right now she barrel rolls to where ever she wants to be. It's quit humorous! It can be dangerous too so I thought this basket idea worked out well and she actually liked it!

She is eating lots of everything now. We're pureeing and freezing most of her food in ice trays. She loves chicken, sweet potatoes and apples and anything sweet like the Mama!

I took this while she was napping. She looks the way I feel at the end of a long day!

Another Day In The park...

Today was 82 and sunny! Sophie and I took full advantage. There is a small park in our neighborhood, but it was all muddy. Luckily we found a dry patch of grass to sit on and have some fun in the sun!

Don't worry she had her SPF 70+ Coppertone on! Daddy is very protective especially when it come to being in the sun...with Mama too! After the park we took a nice long walk and with all the fresh air Sophie was ready for her afternoon nap.

Easter In The Ozarks...

We had an awesome first Easter with Sophie. It was so great because we got to spend it with the fam:) It was a lot of driving for such a short trip(19 hours), but so worth it to be together at the lake. Mamaw got this adorable outfit for Sophie. I just love the hat!! Auntie Bre and Uncle Eric got her a sweet My First Easter and dress outfit and Diva and Gampy went all out with about 10 beautiful outfits, a bunch of shoes and lot of other fun gifts. One of my favorites was the blow up floating raft for the pool, with a tent to block the sun. I can't wait until our pool opens to try it out!

The weather on Saturday was perfect and we spent most of the day enjoying every second of it! It was awesome!

That night we went to dinner at Backwater Jacks for some good food and lots of fun! I wish the trip could have been longer, but we will be back in 4 weeks for Memorial Day!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Birthday and More...

My beautiful birthday flowers and gifts! Thank you so much everyone! Jake and I actually got to go out for a drink since his parents were in town! We had a lot of fun, but we missed our little one so much we came home shortly after:) It was still great to get out for a bit.

The Campione's came to visit last week. We had a lot of fun. We went to their timeshare for the weekend in Tyler, Texas. Thanks to Grandma and Gramps she has a big girl walker now! She can touch on her tippy toes so I am sure she will be cruising soon!

Mama's birthday pictures with the best gift of all!

Easter pictures outside. I don't want to give to many away because many of you will see them on your Easter card coming soon!

Sophie a little over 7 months old. Look at that sad little face. She looks like she's saying, "Come on...are you really taking more pictures of me!"