Thursday, January 5, 2012

Daddy's Girl

Sophie has been asking when Papa is returning from Guam since roughly day one or two of his deployment. She really is such a Daddy's girl and is already counting down the days until he returns. The reason she is so head over heels for him, asking, "Papa will you marry me in Jamaica?" is because he is just as crazy about her:) When he is home he always makes time for family and he genuinely loves spending time with our girls and that is all I could ever ask for.

We love you high as the sky, deep as the sea Daddy-Papa!

I thought I would share this amazing link about Daddy's and their daughters that Jake sent to me today.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Baby Zzz's and I'm sad because...

I was reading Baby 411 tonight, the section on sleeping gave information on how ages 4-6 month old are capable of soothing themselves. Gianna, my precious little one, has been a non-sleeper thus far. I mean, Sophie at three, sleeps more than she does at three months old! Bless her heart she just fights and fights until she finally caves and passes out and naps...forget about it! If she is set down, her wide eyes pop open instantly and she looks at you like, you aren't really thinking about putting me down are you??

I mentioned to my Mom what I had read about sleep training. We wrapped my little Italian burrito up in her swaddle, she gave out a scream, we stuck in her binki and started bouncing and walking the way we always do. That has been the routine her whole whopping three and a half months of her life...until tonight. My Mom decided she would try and lay her in the crib awake. I thought for sure 2 minutes, 5 minutes tops that would actually last. Much to my surprise she is still in there now, my little sleeping beauty and I am actually a little sad! I know crazy, right?? It's just that this is the farthest I have slept away from her since before she was kickboxing in my belly! I have always found comfort knowing at anytime she was there right next to me or somersaulting in my tummy. This new sleeping arrangement could be great or it could make me a crazy Mama waking up all through the night checking on my little peanut, looking so small in that crib. Ok, ok I need to get some rest and try to appreciate a room to myself, well at least for tonight:)