Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christgiving celebration

This year because Jake is leaving soon we have decided to combine the two upcoming holidays to simplify things. We like to call it Christgiving. This time of year makes me so happy. We have a snow white view here in Minot already and last night we had hot chocolate, sang along to Christmas music and decorated the tree. Well Sophie had hot chocolate, Jake and I had Baileys and coffee:) Sophie is at such a great age for Christmas this year. She is super excited Lilly(her Elf On The Shelf) has made her arrival. You should have see her face when she saw Lilly appeared last night! She asked so many questions about her elf friend... "Is she real, does she talk, how did she get here?" It's crazy that my three old is already questioning the seen and unseen and how things can be "magical". We did our best at explaining and I am hoping we have a believer for many years to come. I end this blog by saying, have a blessed Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christgiving:)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's that time again...

I have been really wanting to get back into writing again, so I thought what better time than now. It has been almost a year since my last post and I can't help but find it ironic that my last post was celebrating Jake returning from Guam. Currently we are busy preparing for our next 4-6 month deployment. Although I can't share the exact dates, it is unfortunately just around the corner.

Last time was tough, but spending time at home with family definitely helped pass the time. This time around with Sophie being three and a total Daddy's girl, I am anticipating the worst. My sweet baby girl is a creature of habit and anything rocking our family dynamics is sure to cause some melt downs.

Sophie waits anxiously at the top of the stairs every night when she hears the garage door. When Jake walks in she jumps excitedly into Jake's arms and showers him with hugs and kisses. Papa plays many roles in her life, her favorite being her best rough housing partner! Most nights after dinner they go downstairs and she fills the house with laughter and squeals playing with her Papa. Dinnertime is family time in our house and she does not like it when Jake works late and we can't "eat as a family." We will have one sad little girl on our hands when this day comes, but we are trying to make the best of the time we have before D-day.

One thing we enjoyed when Jake was deployed last time was putting together care packages. We have already started putting a package together for him and with Sophie's love of coloring, he should be covered when in comes to home decor! We are also putting together a photo album with some fun memories of all of us that will put a smile on his face during the lonely times apart. We are going to try and skype most days which Sophie is sure to love. She isn't shy about putting on a show for Nana and Gampy and Auntie Bre, Uncle Eric and Breckin, so I am guessing she we will be no stranger to the camera when we skype with Papa.

We are going to head home Polar Express style for Christmas. I have already told Sophie we will have hot chocolate and wear pj's just like they do in the movie! Although we aren't heading to the North Pole, we are just as excited to be surrounded by some of our favorite people!

With our new little addition, it will be great for everyone to get to know her blossoming personality.