Monday, September 14, 2009

We're BACK!

As many of you know we are in the process of moving to Minot, ND. We have been there for about a month now and thought we found the perfect house. Unfortunately, after the inspection was completed we realized this house was better lost than found. Sophie and I have come home to make it easier for her. She needs more space and has missed sleeping in her crib. It has been
hard on us, but I think given the circumstances we are doing very well.

Jake and I took Sophie to the Minot Zoo for her actually birthday celebration. She loved it so much! We fed the goats and even the bears!! We make many trips to the park on base and continue to try and make this an easy transition for her.

Jake is in Minot working and looking for another house. We are in hopes of an immediate move in so we can say good-bye to TLF(temporary housing on base). Please keep us in your prayers that we find a home for our family soon.

Can't wait to see you all soon! We will be home until September 28th.

P.S. If anyone is looking for a good read the Twilight series is Amazing!!! I am on the 3rd sequel Eclipse now and they keep getting better! I highly recommend it.

See you all soon!