Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Visit With My Mama...

The last 5 days were amazing! My Mom was here visiting and we had such a great time! Sophie just adores Nana Diva and who could blame her. She and Sophie were roommates and I think they both loved it! My Mom and I even got to celebrate Mother's Day by getting pedi's.
The spa was at the Horseshoe Casino and since we were feeling lucky we decided to try a few slots. We ended up winning $90 between the two of us! Woohoo! We then spent our winnings the next day at The Boardwalk. It was so much fun! We also got a tour of the base and went in a B52 simulator and tried flying the beast ourselves! Jake has wanted to try craw fish down here...aka Mud Bugs, so Mom took us to Shane's to get a taste of Louisiana. I am home sick now, but I know we will see each other in 2 weeks over Memorial Day weekend! I am already counting down the days.
Pedis and shopping at The Boardwalk, doesn't get better than this. Sophie loved the fountain!

It was great to see what Jake does everyday! The simulator was a lot of fun and Mom had a great time flying the B52!

Jake and I got to go out for dinner and drinks with some friends, for the first time since we moved here! We had such a great time. Thanks Mama!

After Mud Bugs we stopped at the Cajun Daiciri for some drinks to go. Only in the south will they allow this. They put a piece of tape over the straw to make it legal! Too funny! Oh and Mom and I went for the 32oz and Jake...well you can see from the picture how happy he was!

We actually even made time for laundry! I think my Mom did at least 8 loads! It's very difficult to do when it's on the 1st floor and we're on the 2nd. I need a third arm or my Mama:)

Sophie misses Nana Diva so much. She kind of looks around like, "Where did she go." But we will all be together soon at the lake in 2 weeks!

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  1. Awwww these pictures are so great!!! It looks like you ALL had a great time together and a great visit.... looks like soooo soooo much fun!!! Soph is just getting cuter and cuter by the day (which I didn't even know was possible)...she's so beautiful!! You guys all look soo happy :) Love you so much sissy, Jake and my precious little tophie beans!!! See you in 15 days loveee :)