Tuesday, November 10, 2009


One of the most controversial topics with keeping our kids healthy is vaccinations. It is overwhelming all of the information you need to digest. Is it good or bad? I have decided to vaccinate Sophie for all of her scheduled visits. The burning question now is influenza and H1N1. I am still undecided. I have read up on both and don't know that I want her vaccinated for either right now. It is just so hard to hear of children hospitalized for Swine Flu and to think that could happen to your own healthy child is horrible. I will tell you my biggest fears of these vaccinations:

*H1N1 has never been given to children before, what is the effect down the road?
*I have read about the mercury in both of these shots, supposedly safe, but I still worry long term.
*I have never gotten a flu shot and don't know that I want to start me or Sophie on them now.
*The chance of sickness as a result of the shot, is it worth it?

I have heard that Swine Flu has ran its course and should be dimensioning soon. Lets all hope and pray that this terrible disease dissipates never to return to sicken humans again.


  1. I hear ya on the vaccinations! It is so confusing and all the info can make your head swell. Bill and I went back and forth for a long time before deciding to talk to Will's Dr. and a friend who has a son with Autism. Our friends firmly believe the preservatives and mercury in the shots are what caused their son's Autism. I then talked to the Dr. who said everything is fine and I shouldn't worry and then abruptly ended the conversation. It was then I decided to switch Dr's. This Dr has stretched out Will's immunizations so he is not getting so many all at once which puts our minds at ease. We too discussed the flu and H1N1 and have opted out. Not enough research on the swine flu shot and not enough confidence in the flu shot yet for little ones. I understand why others do vaccinate their child for these, I just didn't feel confident this year. Good luck with the decision! Whatever you think is the best choice is the right one!

  2. Thanks Becks. It is so tough. We decided to opt out of H1N1 as well, but did get her first round for the flu shot and the second round will be next month. I was happy that it's in lower doses split into two shots. I am still a little worried that we don't need it. We try so hard to keep them healthy it's a shame that even Drs. are making us question their safety. Who can we trust?