Friday, December 4, 2009

Family visits for the holidays...

Jake and I were so excited when our families both decided to visit us in our new home! Jake's parents arrived 3 weeks ago and we had an early Thanksgiving celebration along with fun days playing with Sophie. The weather was still nice then so we actually took a stroll around the neighborhood for some fresh air and to burn off some of that delicious meal! I was very happy Sophie warmed right up to Gramps and Grandma Dakota(Ha!)!

My parents visited this past weekend and I couldn't wait to see them. This was the longest time we've had in between visits and we long awaited their arrival.

Something they always wanted to do was take Sophie out on the town. They dressed her up in this adorable outfit from Jake's Mom and went for a joy ride through the mall and of course for her cream and french fries!

Their stay went by too fast like always, but that is because we always have such a great time. We stayed up a couple nights past 2am playing the intense game Taboo!

Thanksgiving dinner was yummy and we actually just finished up the leftovers!

Up next...home for the Chirstmas!! We will be home Christmas Eve until Jan. 2! We are so excited to spend time with friends and family.

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