Monday, January 26, 2009

Rice Crispies anyone?

I know you can start babies on solids antime between 4-6 months. Sophie is just over 5mths and she is still on Organic Similac all day, all night. So the other day Jake and I were talking and I mentioned that soon we should start giving her rice cereal and milk for dinner. He agreed and went about his day. The next day we were heading to get groceries and he said, "So do you want to get like Rice Crispies...will that work for Sophie?" Ok, now Jake is a very smart man. The Air Force trusts him to fly military aircraft daily. So when he said this I thought surely he's joking. Oh no he was dead serious! He said, "You said she needed to start eating rice cereal!" We laughed so hard and I assured him that I would handle the rice cereal from now on. Ha!


  1. Oh my gosh...this video is SOOOO sweet!! Addie and I share apples all the time. She has 7 teeth now so she can actually bite little pieces off and chew them! Eric asked the other day if he could give her an apple in her high chair. Like...give her a WHOLE apple and let her eat it. I was like, "seriously? you think she can hold and eat an apple all by herself?" and he said "well yeah...she can hold her sippy cup." Men...they are so adorably clueless :-) The rice cereal thing is just too funny.

  2. She is so so so precious! She looks more like daddy but has momma's sweet nature. Miss you so very much.
    The video made it feel like she was right here again. Her hair is getting thicker (looks more like when she was first born).
    She was our favorite Christmas gift!!! We love you bunches and can't wait for your visit home.
    ....Sophia Grace has a very pretty face and....
    keep singing her my songs so she won't forget!
    Love you, Love you, Love you.....
    Gampy and Diva

  3. aww I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video.. she's sooo adorably precious!! hmmm.... no wonder the momma was always craving apples when she was preggo.... Sophie knew then that she loved apples :)