Thursday, February 5, 2009

Home Improvement...

We have been working frivolously to make our home feel like home. It's really starting to come together! My Papaw made me a quilt rack and I really wanted to incorporate it in Sophies nursery. I found paint to match her crib and it really turned out great! I recently started painting the bookshelf so very soon her nursery will be complete! Oh...and JCPenney called and her changing table is ready to be picked up! I will have pictures of her room soon:) Jake put together the kitchen table last night and dropped off the last bulk to the storage garage. I found baskets the other day for the kitchen and can't wait to put them together. I am going to get ribbon and some fillers for the baskets. Any ideas?


  1. Wow, you are SO crafty sissy :) I'm so proud of you.. and how cool that you are able to use Papaw's quilt rack in Sophie's nursery... that's awesome!! Sounds like things are really coming along =)

  2. Look at you Little Miss Martha Stewart!! I love it!! I can't wait to see the final pics of Soph's nursery :-)

  3. Oh...about basket filler ideas, I have a few...

    1.) If you like the whole "fake food" thing, Hobby Lobby has all this fake bread that looks SO REAL!!! Or, be a sport and buy a bunch of real onions and garlic. They keep for a long time at room temperature and they always look pretty in baskets. I always have onions and garlic in my basket tower.

    2.) If you are thinking something non-food related, try putting cookbooks or cooking magazines in a basket. They always look cute sitting out.

    Where are you putting these baskets?