Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Baby's 6 months old!

Yesterday was Sophie 1/2 birthday! At times I can't believe she has been here with me for 6 months already, but on the other hand I really can't imagine my life before her. It feels like I have known her forever. She is developing such a sweet personality and she's a girl who definitely knows what she wants. I love that about her.

To celebrate her birthday we went to The Boardwalk. It's an outdoor mall similar to the Promenade in Bolingbrook. It was almost 80 degrees and the beautiful sun was shining all day! We went searching for a dress for her 6 month pictures this weekend. I did find a dress, but I'm not sure if I will go with this one or her Easter dress from Jake's Mom.

We sat outside and had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Our first outdoor lunch outing just Mama and baby. It think we both needed the fresh air and change of scenery. We had so much fun:)

She is almost sitting by herself now. This week she also started eating carrots and sweet potatoes! Daddy loves feeding her and making a big mess! I can't believe how much she's grown and developed these past 6 months and I am sure the next 6 will be an adventure...crawling, walking, and talking!


  1. I can't even BELIEVE Sophie is 6 months old!!! Where on earth did the time go??? She is SO darn cute Tiff. I love seeing her in her little outfits :-) Trust me when I say...the next 6 months will go eve faster. Addie is walking AND talking. Well...she can say mama, dada and hi. Good enough for me :-) Can't wait to see you guys!!!!

  2. Awww I can't believe little Sophie is 6 months... but I agree, I don't really remember life w/out her either..she's such a little blessing to all of our lives and we love her so much! I'm so glad that the 2 of you were able to have such a fun Mommy-Daughter day @ at the Boardwalk to celebrate her birthday, looks like you guys had fun.. the pictures are adorable =) Love you lots and see you in ONE week!

  3. She is so smiley! It looks nice and WARM there....lucky!

    <3 Auntie Liz

  4. She is so full of life! How fun! I love the "new" little rolls on her thighs! She is soooooooo beautiful! Miss You Guys....Love You too!