Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Home Stretch

I haven't blogged since our wedding, mostly because we were home for the summer and when we got back to Minot in Sept. there was lots of catching up to do. So now that things are pretty well under control and we are counting down the days until Jake returns, I thought it was time to crack the knuckles and start at it again. I miss writing and my blog is so great for family and friends to see what we are up to here in Minot. Jake is due to return around the 19th and Sophie and I are so anxiously awaiting. I really do think she understands. I have a Countdown Til Papa Returns Jar of M&M's and Sophie knows that she gets one everyday. When the jar is empty that is the day Papa comes home! This has really been fun and worked out well. It's actually helped me put in perspective the time he has been gone and now we are on the home stretch with only a few weeks to go!

Sophie and I have been Pumpkin Patching, Dancing our hearts out and making lots of pretty pictures for Papa. Her and I really have had a great time together, but we are ready for our missing piece to return.

I will post pics soon of all our fun fall excursions!

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  1. That's right honey...it's the home stretch!!! You are such a strong mama...I am just in awe of you every day :-) These next weeks are going to fly honey and you will be one big happy family before you know it. Glad you are blogging again! I missed reading :) Love you!