Monday, December 19, 2011

Patience is a virtue...

Lately I am having a hard time keeping my cool with a certain little one in my life. Sophie has been pushing me to my wits end on everything lately. I know they say deployments are the most difficult on her age group. This is mostly because she knows Jake isn't here, but is not exactly understanding the where, when and whys of it all. I am aware that I have been blessed with a very well behaved little girl, but lately it's like she is a different person. It's not all day everyday, but it is at least one or more times everyday that we have a huge battle over the simplest of things, such as getting dressed! Does anyone out there have any advice? I'm starting to lose it and don't want everyday to be this way. I just want my sweet Sophie back:(


  1. Hey Tiff - if it makes you feel any better, we go through the same thing with Addison all the time as well. If I had to guess I'd say it's actually less about Daddy's deployment (although I'm sure that doesn't help) and more simply about her age. Everyone I know with kids older than mine have told me it's not actually the "terrible 2's", it's really the "terrible 3's". I've found that walking away and almost ignoring her when she's acting like that is the best strategy (even though it sounds like terrbile parenting). The more attention we give Addie when she's throwing a fit, the more mad and worked up we get and the more it seems to feed into the tantrum. May be worth a try. Good luck - wouldn't it be easier if these kids just came with an instruction manual! LOL.

  2. Thanks for the advice Mandy! Nice to here I'm not the only one:) I think our girls are very close in age so you are probably right on with the terrible 3's. Yeah a manual would be amazing, why hasn't someone come up with one yet???