Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sweet and sassy

For those of you who have been around our Sophie girl, you would most likely say she is sweet and shy. That is why I am in such shock the past couple of days with her sassy behavior! Don't get me wrong a little sass is pretty cute at 3, but yesterday we just couldn't find the sweet and I was about to lose it!

I was expecting a little rebellious behavior having her Papa deployed, but wow were the last couple of days challenging!? She wasn't feeling well so I tried to be more patient. Nothing seemed to work when it came to disciplining her. I even told her Lilly went back to Santa and won't be back until she starts behaving. Her response, "That's a bad word Mama!" So I guess behaving to her is naughty, quit the contraire little one I am working with!

Thankfully she did much better today and my high blood pressure has subsided! So on that note I think I may actually catch up on some reading tonight and relax into the beautiful sound of nothingness:)

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  1. Sorry sissy! Hang in there love.... hopefully she gets adjusted & settled in more soon & is back to her normal Sweet AND Sassy self :) I love that sweet baby girl SO stinkin much...she cracks me up! Hopefully much easier & happier days are ahead!