Thursday, February 18, 2016

Do something that matters


A couple of weeks ago, while browsing books on Amazon, I came across, 'Start Something That Matters' by Blake Mycoskie.

My passion is discovering ways to find our purpose and finding God's plan for our lives, which is why immediately I had to order this book!

It has been so insightful and has encouraged me, as I continue to work towards identifying opportunity in using my business, to incorporate something that matters.

Timing is everything. A friend of mine recently contacted friends and family to ask if we would like to participate in her Kindness Crew. What this entailed was simple, initiate any act of kindness and write a brief story to be shared over Valentine's Day weekend in hopes to spread kindness.

Without a doubt, I knew I had take part in this wonderful project. I was inspired by the TOMS story and resolved that I would give one for one for every be brave, be kind bracelet I sold over the next two weeks, I would give a bracelet to a woman at the Survival House.

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Here is the story...

"My name is Tiffany and I strive to make a difference. My business Stamp Haven commenced about one year ago. My intentions for this business have always been about telling your story through jewelry and gifts that matter.

Recently, I have had more opportunity to spread positivity through the pieces that I create. Phrases including, Be Brave, Be You, Be Kind are simple, yet powerful words.

I chose to share kindness to Survival House, a safe house for women and children in our community who have suffered from abuse. I knew right away when I read about this organization that this was the place that I wanted to give, one for one bracelets to.

These seven wonderful women need many things. Clothing, toiletries and resources are a necessity for them and their children, and in the future I plan to help provide some of these items. Today, it wasn't about giving them what they need necessarily, but more so, a chance to give them a glimmer of hope.

I pray they know that are loved and worthy of a better life. Encouraging them to believe in themselves is the first step.

If there is an organization you think would benefit from one for one giving please contact me Tiffany Campione at or at


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