Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July...

Last weekend was so much fun in the Ozarks! The drive is long, but leaving around 3 was perfect for Sophie. She took her afternoon nap woke up at 4:30 we stopped for dinner at 5:30 and fed the munchkin and she was out by around 7:30! We got there by 1am and the festivities began! The first night always seems to be the latest. We have all come a long way to see each other so when we arrive it's not stop laughing, talking and catching up with everyone. Oh and a few cocktails of course:)

Sophie showed off in her America's Sweetheart outfit from Bre by pulling up and cruising from table to couch to patio doors!

On Friday we went out on our neighbors boat and hung in a cove most the day. It was so much fun floating in the water beers in hand!

There was also an awesome surprise in our boat amazing jet ski!!! It was so much fun taking it out on the lake all weekend. Bre even drove it for the first time!!!

The boys went fishing everyday and by the 4th day...well you can see by the photo how well they did!

We went to old town too. The boys did the batting cages and the girls were more interested in the shops. Jake and I had a dance of and I got my crown back from when I was 6 months pregnant and he beat me! Eric and Jake had a go round at it too!

Sophie was definitely pooped after all the fun we had. We go home late Sunday night and she was Zzzzz for the rest of the night. Daddy got to do his favorite job and bring Sophie to bed from the car. Overall it was a great time! We will be home in just 11 days! We are so excited to be home it's been too long.

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  1. These pictures are GREAT!! So many awesome and fun memories! It was a perfect 4th of July celebration and I'm so glad we were all able to be together, especially for Sophie's very first 4th of July... she's soooo adorable!!
    Ps... I'm glad you won your dance off crown back =)

    Love you and can't wait for you guys to finally be home!!!