Sunday, October 4, 2009

Minot move...take two!

I decided to be brave and try an 18 hour train ride from Chicago to Minot. I thought it would be easier than traveling by plane and the skipping the hustle and bustle of the airport sounded great! We upgraded to a sleeper car which was good, except the entire room was a table that turned into a bed. Not much room for Sophie to play. Nana and Gampy took us to Union Station and made sure we had goodies to snack on too! It was tough to leave, but I knew it was time.

We also were provided dinner on the train and made reservations for six and thought that it would be fun to get out of our room and check out the rest of the train. The problem was that we were sat with a couple that didn't have children and Sophie didn't hold back when she didn't like the meal. Chicken, carrots, broccoli all spit out and down the front of her without hesitation. Mama on the other hand was have a nervous breakdown with the Mr. and Mrs. across from us trying to enjoy their lamb chops and red wine! Not the prettiest sight! It was then I decided we would take our desert to go! We slept the majority of the night, but the noise and bumps were unfamiliar to Sophie and she woke up every hour or so trying to figure out where we were! She did so great despite the circumstances, but I must say it would have been a lot easier with another set of hands. It did make for a great memory for Sophie and I and I am sure it is one I will never forget:)

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  1. Such sweet pictures.. we miss you terribly! But are so glad that your family is together and that you guys made it there safely =)