Thursday, October 15, 2009

What season is this???

I woke up to quite a surprise, when what to my wondering eyes should appear...SNOW!!! And not an end in sight from what I can see! Yep that's right, it is the middle of October and we already have snow. Welcome to Minot everyone! To make the best of the this snowy Fall day, we decided to try one of Nana's ideas. We brought snow inside! So much better for a number of reasons: much warmer and cozier inside, we didn't have to go through putting all the layers on, and best of all no worries of catching a cold! Here are a few pics from our not so fall day!

1 comment:

  1. Wow... I can't believe it! "I'm dreaming of a white..... Halloween!" hehe! It looks really pretty though.. I must say, makes you get all cozy and in the holiday spirit, doesn't it?! In the beginning at least =) Looks like Sophia was having so much fun, I just love that sweet little face!

    Love you all lots-