Sunday, August 17, 2014

"While we try to teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about."

As we shopped for Sophie's back to school items today, I started to feel the sadness creep up as I thought of how in just a few days summer will end and for the first time(besides the few hours a week she went to preschool), I won't have her home with me everyday. She is turning six tomorrow and I know it is time, but as the first day of Kindergarten approaches, I find myself pulling her in more than usual for one extra hug.

I have decided that instead of wallowing in my tears, covered from head to toe in used Kleenex, hesitant about my baby leaving the nest, I will try to think more positively about this next stage in her life. I know that Sophie will give others at school, a piece of the joy she has always given to me and the rest of our family and that has immense worth.

For other families going through this same transitional period, I'm sure you know that your child has unique qualities to share with their classmates as well. Just think of the possibilities of their future and what a better world this could be if we continue to teach them the importance of being truly gracious to one another.

Last year, a student at Sophie's preschool was crying because they weren't there on the day they had made a special craft for Halloween. The reason I know this is because when she came home she said, "Mama I need to make the spider craft we did at school the other day. When I asked her why she said, "I need to make it for a friend who wasn't there when we made them and he was really sad today when we all got ours to take home, so I want to bring one for him to 

make him happy." She said it with the biggest smile, because as we all know doing good things for others makes us happy simultaneously. It's a beautiful thing. The compassion for others that she has at five both humbles and inspires me.

If our children are so loving, shouldn't we as adults, responsible for teaching them mirror their gentleness? Isn't that a large part of our humanity in this world?

To all the children taking their first step onto a big yellow bus, or those being dropped off at school and waving those sweet little hands goodbye to Mom or Dad, spread the love sweet angels and I pray that we as adults can learn to do the same.

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  1. Great perspective! Wrote a similar post a while ago, we can learn so much from our kids!