Thursday, October 29, 2015

That's my cup of tea...

We are talking green tea today ladies and gents.  An amazing addition to our daily regimen and it is so tasty too! These tea leaves are loaded with catechins, which are antioxidants that fight and may even prevent cell damage. There have also been studies shown that it may help lower blood pressure, cholesterol and assist in regulating blood sugar levels in those who have diabetes.  I have hypoglycemia and have experienced less low sugar episodes since making this special leaf a part of my day. Researchers have also discovered that those who regularly drink green tea have greater activity in the working-memory area of their brain.  Who couldn't use a little help with that?  Mom brain forgetfulness, be gone! Green tea also has a calming effect.  Every afternoon when I lay the Gia  down for her nap, I put our tea kettle on the stove top and wait to hear the sweet sound of the whistle letting me know it is time to steep a cup of delicious green tea. I must admit I look forward to this relaxing moment everyday and to know that this little ritual of mine is actually good for me is an added perk.

Check out the article below for more information on this super tea.

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