Thursday, April 1, 2010

Catching up...

I have been trying to get better at posting more often, but the weeks just seem to fly by! So instead of posting everything in the past few weeks I will give a recap.

Our visit home was awesome as usual! We fit so much into one week I can't believe it. First, we celebrated my Dad's birthday. So glad I was able to be home for that. Mom's birthday is in April, but I was able to give her gift to her then too! We also had a great visit with Uncle Rod, Amy and sweet Colin. It was so great to meet the newest addition to our family! My sister was so kind to throw me a surprise bachelorette party! It was so great seeing everyone! Sophie had so much fun showing off all her tricks and silly personality for everyone. I think she liked the bigger audience!

All in all a great trip and looking forward to our next excursion...Jamaica!!!!

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