Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jamaican Mother's Day...

I was looking through photos of Sophie last year and I just can't believe how much bigger she has gotten! With Mother's Day just 2 weeks away, along with our wedding I couldn't help but post a tribute to Mother's Day. This year Mother's Day will also be our Wedding Day! What an amazing time for us! These pictures are from our first Mother's Day together in Louisiana and I can't wait to post this of this year in Jamaica!


  1. Aww, so sweet!!! I'm sure Mother's Day was already SO special to you, but now it will be even more special and memorable this year =)

    We can't wait for your big day..... 2.5 weeks!

    Love you sissy-

  2. PS... I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of you holding her up above your head, you both look so incredibly happy..... such a sweet moment between you two on Mother's Day!